Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Memorandum to the Tragedy of 9/11

I first wrote this on 9/11/2009, how it had been  8 years previous. But now it is 2012, and that day has come again: this still holds a strong truth, and I decided to post it once again.

About this time, I was watching the attack on TV of the twin towers, and seeing that horrific and devastating fall of the twin towers; which truly marked a moment in time when trust in others was breeched, and our ability to innocently accept others, without suspicion, changed forever.

That terrorist act made everyone suspect, from there on; not just at airports and immigration portals, but right out on the streets of USA; and Homeland Security was formed, which I know is meant to be for everyone’s safety, but which is more like having Big Brother able to say you are a terrorist for the tiniest of reasons.

No longer is a person a simple citizen, and yes, I mean people born and raised in USA, and their parents and grandparents before them; every person is treated like a possible terrorist, even the 90 year old lady or the pregnant lady or the 2 year old in her husband’s lap, and most certainly, the husband, and more so, if they have a foreign sounding name or look like they are of another ethnic  minority/race; even though, this is a land of many peoples, and not a land of few, or a land of the white.

Here are found people from all over the world, and some have been here for generations, even if they are of Asian or Eastern stock, or European or African; many have been born here, and so, many are as much American as they can be. 9-11-2001: the wake-up call.

Give silent respect to those who died; yes, but also pray that those who survive are not mistreated or subjugated to atrocities in the name of justice. So be it.

What do they call America? Land of the Free; Land of Equal Opportunity, where anyone can become a millionaire; Land of the Brave; Land of Diversity; Land of Dreams; Land where nothing is as it seems.

America has earned some other names, not so nice. Land of Deceit; Land of Warmongers; Land of Liars; Land of Two-faces. Where is the Land of Friendship? Where is the Land of Peace and Good Will toward All Men? Where is The LAND OF FREEDOM, for that Land doesn't exist since 9/11/2001; Oh My God, what has happened to Turtle Island?

Heavy questions and hard ones to answer, but more is how to rectify the wrong? The government is going about it wrong, and they are sinking this land of the turtle a little deeper with each passing day, and though turtles can swim, it is a land creature and can drown, if stayed submerged too long, mired in the sludge of this foul result brought about by retaliation of this nation against other nations, bringing war upon others, for views based on religious extremists who go against their own moral code of “thou shalt not kill” to attack  the innocent, and doing so without concern for age, race, gender or religion, indiscriminate murder/suicide for preconceived glorification in the hereafter?

Creator wants no acts of murder and will not condone it; they follow the mindset of madmen and deceive only themselves. But, too, so do these Ones in power: the Bush Administration, and now the Obama Administration.

Why do they refuse to administer to the nation in need, and see that the people have the health care, the educational needs, security of home and job, and seek peace between the peoples, within our borders and also amicable relations with other nations, and desist with this war policy; we should seek peace, at all costs.

Oh, the turtle’s heart bleeds and her eyes weep copious tears, a flood of tears, for she fears a trap she will not kick free of…she is not free, tangled in oil-slicked coils of so-called democracy? It is hypocrisy, this Government we live under. We, the people of this nation, know it better than any other, what is happening to sisters and brothers of this once great land.

Who knows all of this better than the Red Man, the Indigenous People who have suffered from the start, once the Europeans moved in and took over the land, claiming it,  buying and selling it, raping it, and otherwise, defiling it. The Natives understood that one can not own the earth; it owns us; from dust we come; to dust we do return; and Spirit returns to Creator.

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