Saturday, January 12, 2013

Leon, the Flyer-Cat

My Master Leo da Vinci always dreamed of flying as the birds fly...he also has a mean sense of humor  as you can see, for it is I, Leon, who became his assistant, the one who tries out all his 'near impossible' inventions, and since I only weigh three pounds...not much different than some birds... he says, "You are ideal, my furry friend; set forth, leap and fly...I give you the ability to do a helmet, so you don't bust your noggin, if you tumble."

He speaks Italian...I won't try to speak that rough tongue is for licking my fur and for lapping up milk. I do understand more than you might think. But after all, if I were to utterings would be in catspeak...that's what I am, you see; a feline juvenile or kitten...meow.