Monday, January 30, 2012

The Voice of God in the Light
Snowhawk, I don't let anybody run over me, I can’t; it’s not in me to do that, sister;
 If they talk to me nicely, I will respect them as they do me;
 If not, then I do unto others as they do to me; I give back as good as I get.
Windhawk: I’ve been thinking how letting that woman’s remark,
From back in 1988, still get to me is just what the devil loves;
We’re feeding the devil to hold on to old grudges.
Snowhawk: Jesus said,”I say unto you resist not an evil person,
But if some one slaps one cheek, turn the other”;
 But also he doesn’t say what to do on that third strike.
Windhawk:  If you are a grudge holder; that will be too big a bundle on your back,
And it will stop you from entering through the gates of heaven.
Snowhawk: If someone is trying to kill you, is that not evil?
Windhawk: Yes, of course it is.
Snowhawk: I don’t hold a grudge and I do forgive, but I never forget;
 It’s an Indian thing, as well as a family thing.
Windhawk: But they say even attempted murderers and rapists need to be forgiven,
By the victim; yet!

Snowhawk: I have walked away from more fights
Than stayed at fights I have fought and won.
Windhawk: Forgiveness frees the victim of the hold
 That evil act placed on the victim.
If the victim resents and hates without stopping,
 That ties the victim to that murdering rapist.
Snowhawk: Yes, but something like murder, true judgment goes to God for
 No one can hurt them more than God;
 There is but one who can destroy, both body and soul, in hellfire, and that is God.
Windhawk: That’s exactly what evil wants; the ties to it;
 Hate keeps them bound to them; Hate is binding;
 Love and forgiveness can set you free.
Snowhawk: Yes, I agree. I have forgiven a lot of trespasses in my day.
But I am also a very private person, always have been.
Windhawk: Love your enemy as yourself, hard as that can be to do;

Windhawk: I think of all the people sitting in many
 Feel hopeless; so many are unloved, and despised and feared.
Windhawk: Many will never see the light of day.
Snowhawk: Many will never be forgiven.
Windhawk: Many will never know a true friend.
Snowhawk: But we do; we are true friends, sister;
 So I know only one, and you know only one;
Windhawk:  They seek the end with a bleak hopelessness;
 An empty void yawns ahead of them.
Snowhawk: Yes you know, I think now, its Romans
 That says; fear not what man can do to you,
But fear the one who can destroy both body and soul in hell;
So if I fear man is that not a sin?

Windhawk: Only Jesus can redeem man, but many refuse Jesus,
And they do so, with a confirmed hatred in their hearts,
 Because they hate churches and people in them, who
 They feel turned away; and because the people erred, they turn from God, too.
Windhawk: Fear can destroy both body and soul, so if you fear anything, you are vulnerable;
Snowhawk: This is true; fear leaves them in that darkness
 And truly, without any hope left for them, if they continue to refuse God,
They have chosen to be lost in their sin.
But if they cry out for help, and listen to the voice of God in the light;
The darkness and the fear will fall away,
And they shall be saved;
Everyone has that option; to live and die in sin
Or to live and die and rise again through the redeeming blood of the Savior;
He died for us all, but we must seek him out and accept his love as our own salvation.
© JD Couch and JA Wayahowl (1-30-2012)

Monday, January 23, 2012

When the Windhawk Talks

I am a listener, a hawk of the wind.
 I float on currents
Of thermal waves, listening to the mysteries
Circulating on the air; I
Translate what I learn into things I
Can share: stories, poems, and paintings;
 This is done so others learn
 Life is full of deeper meanings.

I'm a hawk of the wind, and I
 Have an abiding affinity
With creatures in the world,
 For they tell me secrets.
Cats are eavesdroppers who whisper to me
Their gleanings; wolves, wisely shy,
 Keep to civilization's edge,
And then safely
Distant, these silent watchers howl
Truths, from 20 miles away!

Dragonflies: light-dancers;
Praying Mantis: silent-golden;
Butterflies: change-bearers;
Scarabs: fate-keepers.
 All act as Harbingers of change;
 A listener always comes prepared.

Being Windhawk, I turn from no one
 Under the sun;
I know when to listen,
When to speak truly,
 And when it is time to fight;
The quiet-time is past.

Now, others must learn truth. Listen, ye.
Listen to the words spin
 Magic nets of dawning around thee!
I'm here to teach anyone who will listen.
When the Windhawk talks,
The mysteries of the universe are
An open book; miss not a word.
Jerriann Wayahowl Law
Copyright ©2012 Jerriann Law
(this was previously published in an anthology, in 2003, 
in a slightly different format.)

The Book

The book is the tool for those who seek knowledge.
You can find them everywhere, including your local College.
A book will tell you about the lives of famous people who
Made a mark in history and got recorded for posterity.
You will learn of other lands in travel books;
You will read poetry that you will want to read again and again,
You’ll laugh; you’ll say,
 “Oh, my!” and you’ll weep.
Or gasp at horror stories that put you on the edge of the seat,
And keep you awake, unable to sleep;
They even write books that will help interpret your dreams.

You can read books which will help you fix anything.
Fix a computer, fix a meal or fix a car!
A book has unlimited potential and will take you far.
There are books which will teach you how to play guitar.
There are books which will teach you how to sing
Like an Opera Star!
Or any other kind of singer that you admire!
Books will direct you and you must understand
And then you can be that Big Singing Star.

A book is the way to step into the middle of a Murder Mystery
And you’ll be the sleuth solving the crimes!
And yes, having a blast without getting bruised up! The time
Of your life will be surrounded by the word imagery
 You experience, reading the book of your choice.
Believe it or not, inside your mind, a book makes a beautiful noise.
You’ll find it such a fascination, you’ll think about it between readings;
When you are a lover of books, you’ll be a lover, all of your days.

You can read a romance about broken love: oh, how
It makes your heart sting!
And the struggle to find a lasting love: oh, how
It makes your heart sing!
A book will transport you into other worlds
With bigger than life worries and troubles: oh how
Much courage it takes to face such woes!
And you are right there in the thick of it, fighting foes!

Whatever misery or whatever triumph takes place
Inside a book, when you read it, you become a part of it;
Its experiences become real in the mind of a reader.
If it is well written and full of action, you can’t put it down,
Not until the very last word: that is the power of a good book.
Yes, go on to your local library, set right down and have a look;
I am sure you will find yourself a really good book.

The Bible is the book for one and all,
They say it is the greatest book of all;
It was the first choice of books to be translated
Into the Cherokee Language by Sequoya;
The Good Book will help you up, should you ever fall.
It teaches us to pray through good times and bad times;
It teaches us God is there with us through it all.

It shows us the right path to salvation and everlasting love;
It will turn your life around and you will drop that knife;
You’ll never harm a neighbor,
For you always take care to never harm your-self.
If we believe in Jesus Christ as our savior, he will be there at our call;
When Judgment Day comes, we’ll stand beside him; both proud and tall.
Yes, come on people, open up your bible, and have a look.
It will help you no matter what your worry
In fact it will say:
 “Why Worry? Trust in the Lord.”
Give it over to God to handle;
He will show you the way!
If you need an unfailing guide, this book is ‘the Book’.
It’s all you need for a happy life: the Book.

©JD Couch and JA Wayahowl (1-6-2012)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Windhawk: Snowhawk, there’s nothing colder than a Winter Witch’s ass, so I’ve heard.
Snowhawk: Windhawk, I’d say, I’ve heard of colder that a Well Digger’s ass,
And hot as a Witch’s titty,
But never quite that witchy twist of a saying;
Windhawk:  It’s a Kentucky saying; I reckon I’ve heard it all my life.
And if you think of it, a Winter Witch’s ass must truly be frigid.
Snowhawk: Yes, icicles on the ole asshairs,
Windhawk: And it must be very windy whenever she farted.
Snowhawk: Yes, she frosted the windows up, I bet.
Windhawk:  Quite fumy;
Snowhawk: Yep, and ranky stanky;
A stinky, ole fart windbag;
Yes, oh, but at least she fumigated the air;
Windhawk: Her broom held its nose and looked for a heater to hover over.
Snowhawk: That’s a new meaning to Air Pollution.
Yes, poor broom; one frozen stick, with her ass all astraddle!
Because, if not; she’d crawl over to Rover the cat.
Oh, dear, she might be too tipsy: the Asshole who missed the saddle.

Windhawk: Well, I heard her charms, she used mainly to harm.
Someone would lock her ass up in the barn.
Snowhawk: But she’d bypass the farm.
Too many animals bellowed in pain from her stinky fly-over.
The Farmer couldn't breathe, so he meant to shoot her on sight.
Windhawk: He thought she was a UFO!
Snowhawk: He raised his gun and fired it into the night.
Windhawk: She always escaped over his barn.
She shot away, until only her gassy farts were a telltale red glow in the sky.
Snowhawk: The Farmer’s Wife was very mad.
She said, “You spend more time on that cold Witch’s ass than you do on me.”
Windhawk: The Farmer said, “I can’t make her happy, cos I admit it; she’s right.”
But then to her, he said, “Don’t worry, Baby; my love; you’ll always be my Honey-bun.”
Snowhawk: He turned on the sugar, so sweet; it oozed like molasses.
And soon, they forgot about any asses but their own.

Windhawk: But the Wife saw the Winter Witch flying around outside, and
She jumped up, and to the Farmer, she demanded, “Which you want to do:
Kiss my ass or kiss that cold Witch’s ass out that window? Why won’t she leave us alone?”
Snowhawk: They both hurried outside, and looked up to see:
Around and around the barn, the Winter Witch on her broomstick, flew;
The Wife said; “Keep your nose out of my business.”
But then sparks hit the barn and up in flames, it shot and quickly it got very hot!
Windhawk: The Wife screamed, “That Witch must go!”

And as the Farmer tried to rescue the animals, and paid no attention,
She stomped her foot, “I will put a stop to this!” She hissed.
To her Husband, she yelled, “Don’t give me any more kisses!”
Snowhawk: She ran toward the Witch, meaning to do her best to end the old Hag’s life.
Well, the barn was all aglow; the Witch came flying back.
Soaring in, like an Eagle on the attack;
She aimed to knock the Wife flat of her back,
But the Wife grabbed the Witch’s foot and yanked her off the broom.
And then, they rolled in the grass;
And dang, if the Witch didn’t fart a really big one out her ass;
She started to swell as the Wife choked her neck;
Snowhawk: Up, up, up, they both flew, as if headed straight to the moon.

Snowhawk: But the Farmer took aim and shot the Witch in her ass,
And like a balloon in deflate, in an erratic tumble, the two fell.
The Farmer’s Wife had almost whipped the Witch’s ass.
But that gigantic Fart had pooted so hard,
They’d lifted up from the ground from the excess gas.
Windhawk: The Farmer cried out, “Don’t leave me, Honey!”
The Wife went sailing into the haystack and she landed, none too happy.
Snowhawk: She lay there gasping for breath, flat of her back.
Her Husband came running and lifted her up;
He took her home and put her to bed,
And he treated her like a baby, for the rest of her days.
He promised, making sure the window screen was pulled down,
“I will never make you mad, again, because of that gassy-assed Witch.”
And he kept his word; if ever the Winter Witch flew by, he dared not even look at the sky.
Whenever he smelled the stink of sulfur or rotten eggs,
He’d sign it away with the Evil Eye.
© JD Couch and JA Wayahowl, 1-11-2012

Thursday, January 19, 2012

 Remember, With Love

Windhawk: Small friends are with us, always.
Little ones with fur; like children, we love them.
We care for them.
They come to us, tiny and afraid, hungry, lost.
Snowhawk: Yes, several loved pets, I have had.
One was a German Shepherd named King, a retired Police dog.
 Yes, he was my protector.
 He would not growl or bark, only bite the hell out of you!
But that was only when he knew you were a threat to my safety.
I loved King so much; I will never forget his love for me.
He was my friend.
Windhawk:  Remember, with love.

 Windhawk:  We hold them, cuddle them, and love them.
We feed them well; we take them to the vet when they are sick.
They look to us like we’re parents, not just as caretakers,
Trusting us to react in a kindly fashion;
A kind act will bring them into the fold; they are a part of the family!
Snowhawk: They win a special place in our hearts, and we will never part.
Once they have entered in, they never go out.
They stay, and they love keeping us company;
They give us so much in return. We love them, with all of our heart.
Windhawk: Remember, with love

Give in to their simplicity.
Laugh at their antics.
The silly things they do that bring laughter;
 Go ahead: laugh and they will love it.
They are happy spirits and enjoy nothing better than hearing you laugh;
If they brought the laughter, all the better,
They will act even sillier; natural clowns.
Snowhawk: And then you will have a friend for life, and they know it is true.
Windhawk: Remember, with love.

Windhawk: And even when something naughty gets done,
You can't punish them; they won’t understand.
Snowhawk: But in your eyes, there is nothing your pet can't do.
Windhawk: You have to be stern and let them see they did a bad thing,
But never ever be cruel;
Snowhawk: If you do, people; then you are the fool.
Windhawk: For your pet loves you unconditionally,
And would protect you to the death!
Snowhawk: I know if you pay attention, then you can see
Windhawk: How much love you will receive!
Windhawk: Your life quality is enriched with sweet furry ones in your home.
Snowhawk: It is in God that we believe, just as your dog believes in you.
Windhawk: God loves all the animals and set man as watch guard over them.
Remember, with love.

Snowhawk: And if you live in the country, your dog is free to roam.
But he will always come back home.
Windhawk: Man's best friend is his canine companion.
Snowhawk: He can’t be without his master but just for so long.
So treat them with kindness, showing them love from your heart.
Windhawk: It is known that he will sit by his master’s grave,
 Waiting for his master to return;
 And he will die there by that grave, patiently devoted, unto death's gate;
Such is the fate of the strength between the dog and man;
Snowhawk: He is grieving for a life lost, a love so deep;
 There, he will lie there, by the grave, and he will yearn.
So love them unconditionally, while you can; remember, with love.

Windhawk: Seek to love everyone, with such deep abiding love.
Snowhawk: A canine is a gift to man from God.
 God is watching over them all from above.
Windhawk: Love is never lost, when it is so true,
Snowhawk: If you don't believe that then who is the fool?
Snowhawk: Dog spelled backwards is love. Dog spelled backwards is God!
Windhawk: Sweet and true, loyal, and seeking to cure your blues;
Dog spelled backwards truly does spell LOVE.
Snowhawk: They are a blessing from God above.
Windhawk: Truly, a blessing from God above;
Windhawk: Remember your darlings, remember, with love.

Snowhawk:  Cherish the memories;
They will protect you both day and night;
 They’re ready to die at your side.
Windhawk: They ask only for your love, your care, to be fed
 And when sick, enough concern to be taken to the vet,
So they can hang around a little longer, for their life span is short,
But a well cared for friend can live many years,
When they are your dear!
Snowhawk: But most of anything, they need your love.
Windhawk: Remember, with love.

Snowhawk: The same as God, who loves us, from high above,
And sees that we are taken care of; so too,
We should care for the little furry ones.
Snowhawk: And don’t forget: Dog spelled backwards is God
Windhawk: God has a great affinity for the dog, a friend unto the end;
Snowhawk: He is with the Heavenly Father,
God’s love is unconditional, shining love
 Down upon man and canine alike;
Windhawk: So remember, remember, with love; remember, with love.
©JD Couch and JA Wayahowl, 1-18-2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

No More Loneliness

Snowhawk: Can someone tell me how they cope with loneliness?
Why do people want to mess with our happiness?
Windhawk: When you are lonely, you reach a point where it is unbearable,
 And you know you can never be happy.
Snowhawk: That is one thing I can say should never be.
Everyone has a right to be Proud and free.
Snowhawk: But loneliness comes like a harsh winter wind, and no one may know when it will end.
Windhawk: Being alone makes you feel like the world is against you;
 No one cares if you are alive or not, so you convince yourself.
You think: if I died in this house, would anyone miss me?
Snowhawk: What do we do, you may ask? We stand both tall and proud; that’s what.
 One thing about it, my sister, you will always have me.
 The only person I am will always be me!
Windhawk: Yes, brother; and I know you have family who love you; you won’t be alone.
Snowhawk: If that is the case, then why do I feel so all alone? Like my own house is no longer a home?
Windhawk: And this is what those who are lonely should know:
 Turn to God; seek him as your friend, your companion and family; you will never be alone.
He shares in everything. Open your heart and let him in.
Snowhawk: If everyone will turn to the Father, then all loneliness will one day be gone.
Windhawk: That is why a hermit is content; he knows he has someone who never leaves his side.
Snowhawk: Jesus Christ will help your mind and heart mend.
 We will join Jesus, in the great by and by.
Windhawk:  So when you are engrossed in your own loneliness, you fool yourself; you are never alone.
 Walk in the knowledge that you are loved by the greatest Lover in the Universe.
Snowhawk: It’s in the bible; just read the verse:  John 3:16.
 He will be with us until the end of time; halleluiah; no more loneliness!
 He knows everything about us; where we’re going and where we've been.
Windhawk: The Comforter is here to remove that lonely feel.
Snowhawk: So do as the Prophets did so long ago; follow Jesus! His love is real.
Windhawk: And there, you have the happiness that is richer than any Earthly gift.
Snowhawk: Jesus is King of Kings; he died, so we could live!
Windhawk: The Apostles followed Jesus, even though their family
 Might have wanted them to keep being their old selves, they chose to follow their Master.
Snowhawk: So turn your back on loneliness; live a Godly life style;
 Jesus is by your side, all the while.
And with him on your side, you will pray for your enemies.
Windhawk: He will never let you walk a lonely mile.
And the smile on your face could light up an auditorium!
Snowhawk: And the love you feel, you will know instantly you’re not alone.
Windhawk: With Jesus by your side, life gets so much easier.
You know he is taking care of everything.
Snowhawk: You will be with God, when this world is dead and gone.
Windhawk: Don't fight it; let him be the one in control; amen!
Snowhawk:  That, my friend, is how you will know; amen!
Snowhawk and Windhawk: Loneliness is a state of mind and won’t be kind,
So do not let it take over your life, but realize the truth is you are never alone or unloved;
God loves you and wants you; reach out and let him love you.
He will be your greatest friend and ally through every twist and turn in your life. AMEN!
© 1-11-2012 by JD Couch and JA Wayahowl