Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring is here; time to go fishing and cook on the grill. 
Spring is when the weather warms up; no more chills; 
Friends gather round, eat merrily and get their fill. 

Spring; listen to the birds sing; 
Yes, it’s time to give your sweety that diamond ring. 
Look around at the bright colours spring brings. 

Spring arrives on the equinox; March 21st is spring’s first day, 
That is when we should thank God, and pray; 
You hope winter cold is gone and with spring, there’s no delay. 

As the air gets warm, the flowers begin to bloom. 
The birds lay their eggs and protect their young from doom. 
Young chirp so loud to be fed, it'll enter a window of your room. 

Farmers, plant gardens, hoping for an abundant yield. 
Soon, the yards will be grassy, wide, and tall as a grassy field; 
Everybody who wants a garden, know the soil must be tilled. 

Time to get out the lawnmower and the pruning shears. 
Those wild onions; oh, how they bring on the tears, 
But the scent is what makes cut grass smell like spring is here. 

Time to go outside and yell loudly, and even scream in delight. 
It’s warm, and everyone stays out longer at night 
As the wind picks up that spring breeze, kids play with a kite. 

You’ll hear the kids in the neighborhood, having fun, 
What happens when down goes the sun? 
Through backyards, front yards, alleys and parks, kids run. 

So what do you think of beautiful spring? 
Aren’t you glad it is spring? 
Beautiful as anything I have ever seen’, we sing. 

Beauty like this is only found during the spring 
Hold me tight; I want what’s right; it’s no fling; 
Love me in the winter; you’ll love me more, come spring. 
©JD Couch and JA Wayahowl Law, (March 22, 2012)

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