Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Key
The key to a great life is to love your fellow man.
The key to living for God is to believe in Jesus Christ.
He is the only one who can save you, and you know he can.
The key to a great relationship belongs to those who love each other,
And makes it a priority to treat your fellow man as your brother;
For all God asks us to do is love one another;
I hope you listen to these words, and understand me, clearly;
Jesus is the savior; he is the key to set you free.

The key is in your hand and its name is kindness.
The key is in your ways and its name is gentleness.
The key is in your actions and its name is generosity.
The key is in your manners and its name is graciousness.
The key is upon your tongue and its name is truth’s sword.
The key is upon your shoulders and its name is strength.
The key is balanced on your head and its name is learning to patiently wait.
The key is in your heart and its name is love.
The key is God’s Grace; by this key you will enter Heaven’s gate.

The key to love is the key which unlocks your heart.
The Key to a great day is all in how it starts.
The key to salvation is having the Heavenly Father in your heart, mind, and soul.
The key to life does not know which way it will go.
Only following God is the key to his love; he has more than is shown;
His love is everlasting. His love is eternal;
It is true; his love is the greatest story ever told.
© JD Couch & JA Wayahowl Law    (2-15-2012) and (5-25-2012)

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