Friday, October 26, 2012

Just Believe

A bounty is here at hand,
I want to share with you.
I promise if you accept, you
will not leave empty-handed.

some things in life
take on a need to be seen
in a different light
or in a different way
if you let your imagination free
to go wherever it will
then you will find each day
with less strife
but plenty of wonder

 but some people are so afraid of change
or even of stepping outside the norm
or outside their comfort zone
they instead end up,
a spider-web shielded skull screaming in a corner
unwilling to admit they have fallen behind the times
and life on the fast track
has passed them by
is it too late to turn back?

contemplation to a cup of tea
a warm sweater and an engagement ring
will sanity hold together any fear of derangement you see
as you stare at the tea grains forming, in arrangement, a scene
contemplation in a cup of tea

The raven tops
 the totem of autumn gourds
arranged on the bird bath in the side yard
as dusk comes on October thirty-first;
will that yearly Halloween thirst,
for all things strange and wonderful, 
be satisfied 
or will it die,
after a long and lengthy cry
of utter terror
that raises hair and goosebumps
to any close enough by
to hear the mad rustlings in the dark?

A fall time yard, multi-layered trees
the windows of the house glow,
reflecting the orange flame colors of the leaves;
 prepartions are being made
for school parties and outfits made to scare
the home-owners into giving them nice treats
so no mean tricks are played at night
on All Hallow's Eve

                                                     oh my, what is in the chestnut shell
                                                                      staring at me?
                                                              I must take it with me,
                                                             for who will believe me
                                                          without it to show them and
                                                                  what will they do
                                                         when they see it staring back
                                                     at them from inside its spiny shell?

                                                            I hurried down to my friends,
                                                                       wanting to show
                                                               what I found on my way there,
                                                                       and as I walk up
                                                            to the door, two kittens watch me,
                                                            a display of pumpkin and squash
                                                                       sits on a crate...
                                                          my surprise find is pricking my hand,
                                                               but I won't throw it away

after all, I have brought a prize that is special
because magic can be captured inside a jar
and in the wonder of the sight
a surety is at hand
that the wildest impossibility
is never impossible at this time of year.
not if you suspend disbelief
and believe

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