Friday, October 26, 2012

Out for an Autumn Stroll

Out for an Autumn stroll
Just to see the colors true...
Leaves of orange, yellow and red
 The summer green, we think so right,
Are the trees in mask, not the shades of fall... 
A stairs, leave-strewn and bold
Where will they lead?
Just watch the step, leaves can be slick if damp

Passing by a fence, what do I see?
A pumpkin yard is full of orange pumpkins
so many as this, must be for sale
it isn't a field, so they came from somewhere
will children come here
and pick out their favorite ones
and take them home
to carve them into Jack-o-lanterns
to sit on the porch and sidewalk
with a candle lit
inside to cast the faces made on the gourds' sides
and meet and greet
the spooks and creepy things 
that pass by on all hallow's eve night?

here I find another set of steps
this one carefully swept
no loose, fallen leaves but each step
has a pumpkin setting there
and vine leaves grip tight
the back wall of each step...
neatly tended, a care is given here
that says, "I love this time of year"
and in this spot, it is hard to fear
the unknown
it feels safe

walking further, something moves among the leaves
I pause and wait, wondering
and then something furry and grey emerges
from beneath the tossed up  orange leaves
a kitten plays
chewing, biting, kicking the leaves
I am amused and laugh at the antics of the playful cat

going home, it has become dark
and colder, a wind picked up and nips at my heels
on my way, I am sent
and at home, I only want to snuggle
and feel content
I sit on my favorite couch, I desire
my legs under me,
with a brown, autumn homemade throw
draped o'er me,
as I listen to the crackling fire
and the wind at the eaves
a late evening in the autumn time

on the coffee table, beside a stack of books to be read
a harvest bowl of pears
red and green with a touch of orange blush
nestled in leaves
appeals to my hunger

along with luscious pears,
I want
a hot cup of cocoa, 
topped with melted marshmallows 
and rimmed with cinnamon toasted 
crunchy bits for extra flavor
now this, I call fun

Red apples, picked from the tree in the yard
home grown apples beat store-bought
you know they are yours, they are free
for the picking...sought
for the fun of eatting them or baking them
and whatever doesn't get collected will feed
the animals of the neighborhood
apples, with stars in the heart
 and a seed
 in each point
apples so dear
fruit of the field

And when Halloween is done
that does not mean fall is over
The cornucopia of the autumn season is 
yet to be filled to over-flowing
And to some it will reach its peak
as families gather around the table
filled to bounty its display of goodies
All the best that crops have produced
to give thanks to the lord
for what there is in life
to be grateful for

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