Monday, January 23, 2012

The Book

The book is the tool for those who seek knowledge.
You can find them everywhere, including your local College.
A book will tell you about the lives of famous people who
Made a mark in history and got recorded for posterity.
You will learn of other lands in travel books;
You will read poetry that you will want to read again and again,
You’ll laugh; you’ll say,
 “Oh, my!” and you’ll weep.
Or gasp at horror stories that put you on the edge of the seat,
And keep you awake, unable to sleep;
They even write books that will help interpret your dreams.

You can read books which will help you fix anything.
Fix a computer, fix a meal or fix a car!
A book has unlimited potential and will take you far.
There are books which will teach you how to play guitar.
There are books which will teach you how to sing
Like an Opera Star!
Or any other kind of singer that you admire!
Books will direct you and you must understand
And then you can be that Big Singing Star.

A book is the way to step into the middle of a Murder Mystery
And you’ll be the sleuth solving the crimes!
And yes, having a blast without getting bruised up! The time
Of your life will be surrounded by the word imagery
 You experience, reading the book of your choice.
Believe it or not, inside your mind, a book makes a beautiful noise.
You’ll find it such a fascination, you’ll think about it between readings;
When you are a lover of books, you’ll be a lover, all of your days.

You can read a romance about broken love: oh, how
It makes your heart sting!
And the struggle to find a lasting love: oh, how
It makes your heart sing!
A book will transport you into other worlds
With bigger than life worries and troubles: oh how
Much courage it takes to face such woes!
And you are right there in the thick of it, fighting foes!

Whatever misery or whatever triumph takes place
Inside a book, when you read it, you become a part of it;
Its experiences become real in the mind of a reader.
If it is well written and full of action, you can’t put it down,
Not until the very last word: that is the power of a good book.
Yes, go on to your local library, set right down and have a look;
I am sure you will find yourself a really good book.

The Bible is the book for one and all,
They say it is the greatest book of all;
It was the first choice of books to be translated
Into the Cherokee Language by Sequoya;
The Good Book will help you up, should you ever fall.
It teaches us to pray through good times and bad times;
It teaches us God is there with us through it all.

It shows us the right path to salvation and everlasting love;
It will turn your life around and you will drop that knife;
You’ll never harm a neighbor,
For you always take care to never harm your-self.
If we believe in Jesus Christ as our savior, he will be there at our call;
When Judgment Day comes, we’ll stand beside him; both proud and tall.
Yes, come on people, open up your bible, and have a look.
It will help you no matter what your worry
In fact it will say:
 “Why Worry? Trust in the Lord.”
Give it over to God to handle;
He will show you the way!
If you need an unfailing guide, this book is ‘the Book’.
It’s all you need for a happy life: the Book.

©JD Couch and JA Wayahowl (1-6-2012)

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