Thursday, January 19, 2012

 Remember, With Love

Windhawk: Small friends are with us, always.
Little ones with fur; like children, we love them.
We care for them.
They come to us, tiny and afraid, hungry, lost.
Snowhawk: Yes, several loved pets, I have had.
One was a German Shepherd named King, a retired Police dog.
 Yes, he was my protector.
 He would not growl or bark, only bite the hell out of you!
But that was only when he knew you were a threat to my safety.
I loved King so much; I will never forget his love for me.
He was my friend.
Windhawk:  Remember, with love.

 Windhawk:  We hold them, cuddle them, and love them.
We feed them well; we take them to the vet when they are sick.
They look to us like we’re parents, not just as caretakers,
Trusting us to react in a kindly fashion;
A kind act will bring them into the fold; they are a part of the family!
Snowhawk: They win a special place in our hearts, and we will never part.
Once they have entered in, they never go out.
They stay, and they love keeping us company;
They give us so much in return. We love them, with all of our heart.
Windhawk: Remember, with love

Give in to their simplicity.
Laugh at their antics.
The silly things they do that bring laughter;
 Go ahead: laugh and they will love it.
They are happy spirits and enjoy nothing better than hearing you laugh;
If they brought the laughter, all the better,
They will act even sillier; natural clowns.
Snowhawk: And then you will have a friend for life, and they know it is true.
Windhawk: Remember, with love.

Windhawk: And even when something naughty gets done,
You can't punish them; they won’t understand.
Snowhawk: But in your eyes, there is nothing your pet can't do.
Windhawk: You have to be stern and let them see they did a bad thing,
But never ever be cruel;
Snowhawk: If you do, people; then you are the fool.
Windhawk: For your pet loves you unconditionally,
And would protect you to the death!
Snowhawk: I know if you pay attention, then you can see
Windhawk: How much love you will receive!
Windhawk: Your life quality is enriched with sweet furry ones in your home.
Snowhawk: It is in God that we believe, just as your dog believes in you.
Windhawk: God loves all the animals and set man as watch guard over them.
Remember, with love.

Snowhawk: And if you live in the country, your dog is free to roam.
But he will always come back home.
Windhawk: Man's best friend is his canine companion.
Snowhawk: He can’t be without his master but just for so long.
So treat them with kindness, showing them love from your heart.
Windhawk: It is known that he will sit by his master’s grave,
 Waiting for his master to return;
 And he will die there by that grave, patiently devoted, unto death's gate;
Such is the fate of the strength between the dog and man;
Snowhawk: He is grieving for a life lost, a love so deep;
 There, he will lie there, by the grave, and he will yearn.
So love them unconditionally, while you can; remember, with love.

Windhawk: Seek to love everyone, with such deep abiding love.
Snowhawk: A canine is a gift to man from God.
 God is watching over them all from above.
Windhawk: Love is never lost, when it is so true,
Snowhawk: If you don't believe that then who is the fool?
Snowhawk: Dog spelled backwards is love. Dog spelled backwards is God!
Windhawk: Sweet and true, loyal, and seeking to cure your blues;
Dog spelled backwards truly does spell LOVE.
Snowhawk: They are a blessing from God above.
Windhawk: Truly, a blessing from God above;
Windhawk: Remember your darlings, remember, with love.

Snowhawk:  Cherish the memories;
They will protect you both day and night;
 They’re ready to die at your side.
Windhawk: They ask only for your love, your care, to be fed
 And when sick, enough concern to be taken to the vet,
So they can hang around a little longer, for their life span is short,
But a well cared for friend can live many years,
When they are your dear!
Snowhawk: But most of anything, they need your love.
Windhawk: Remember, with love.

Snowhawk: The same as God, who loves us, from high above,
And sees that we are taken care of; so too,
We should care for the little furry ones.
Snowhawk: And don’t forget: Dog spelled backwards is God
Windhawk: God has a great affinity for the dog, a friend unto the end;
Snowhawk: He is with the Heavenly Father,
God’s love is unconditional, shining love
 Down upon man and canine alike;
Windhawk: So remember, remember, with love; remember, with love.
©JD Couch and JA Wayahowl, 1-18-2012

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  1. this is a great Chant about man and his true blue companion great work sister