Monday, January 30, 2012

The Voice of God in the Light
Snowhawk, I don't let anybody run over me, I can’t; it’s not in me to do that, sister;
 If they talk to me nicely, I will respect them as they do me;
 If not, then I do unto others as they do to me; I give back as good as I get.
Windhawk: I’ve been thinking how letting that woman’s remark,
From back in 1988, still get to me is just what the devil loves;
We’re feeding the devil to hold on to old grudges.
Snowhawk: Jesus said,”I say unto you resist not an evil person,
But if some one slaps one cheek, turn the other”;
 But also he doesn’t say what to do on that third strike.
Windhawk:  If you are a grudge holder; that will be too big a bundle on your back,
And it will stop you from entering through the gates of heaven.
Snowhawk: If someone is trying to kill you, is that not evil?
Windhawk: Yes, of course it is.
Snowhawk: I don’t hold a grudge and I do forgive, but I never forget;
 It’s an Indian thing, as well as a family thing.
Windhawk: But they say even attempted murderers and rapists need to be forgiven,
By the victim; yet!

Snowhawk: I have walked away from more fights
Than stayed at fights I have fought and won.
Windhawk: Forgiveness frees the victim of the hold
 That evil act placed on the victim.
If the victim resents and hates without stopping,
 That ties the victim to that murdering rapist.
Snowhawk: Yes, but something like murder, true judgment goes to God for
 No one can hurt them more than God;
 There is but one who can destroy, both body and soul, in hellfire, and that is God.
Windhawk: That’s exactly what evil wants; the ties to it;
 Hate keeps them bound to them; Hate is binding;
 Love and forgiveness can set you free.
Snowhawk: Yes, I agree. I have forgiven a lot of trespasses in my day.
But I am also a very private person, always have been.
Windhawk: Love your enemy as yourself, hard as that can be to do;

Windhawk: I think of all the people sitting in many
 Feel hopeless; so many are unloved, and despised and feared.
Windhawk: Many will never see the light of day.
Snowhawk: Many will never be forgiven.
Windhawk: Many will never know a true friend.
Snowhawk: But we do; we are true friends, sister;
 So I know only one, and you know only one;
Windhawk:  They seek the end with a bleak hopelessness;
 An empty void yawns ahead of them.
Snowhawk: Yes you know, I think now, its Romans
 That says; fear not what man can do to you,
But fear the one who can destroy both body and soul in hell;
So if I fear man is that not a sin?

Windhawk: Only Jesus can redeem man, but many refuse Jesus,
And they do so, with a confirmed hatred in their hearts,
 Because they hate churches and people in them, who
 They feel turned away; and because the people erred, they turn from God, too.
Windhawk: Fear can destroy both body and soul, so if you fear anything, you are vulnerable;
Snowhawk: This is true; fear leaves them in that darkness
 And truly, without any hope left for them, if they continue to refuse God,
They have chosen to be lost in their sin.
But if they cry out for help, and listen to the voice of God in the light;
The darkness and the fear will fall away,
And they shall be saved;
Everyone has that option; to live and die in sin
Or to live and die and rise again through the redeeming blood of the Savior;
He died for us all, but we must seek him out and accept his love as our own salvation.
© JD Couch and JA Wayahowl (1-30-2012)


  1. Interesting concept that you have these conversations, and your subject matter for the most part I'm sure would be of interest to the so called Christian writer's groups that I see everywhere, perhaps you should be hooking up with their blogs. One idea I think that could benefit your tete a tetes here would be to have a different style or colour of text for both Windhawk and Snowhawk instead of starting every line of dialogue with their names. You could have a reference point on the header of your blogpage or in fact each individual entry, which denoted who's who. Snowhawk equals blue, Windhawk red... or something along those lines.

    1. Thanks SP I appreciate it I have thought about that once or twice I am glad yo gave us this Idea tho buddy it maens alot Thanks JD Couch