Tuesday, January 17, 2012

No More Loneliness

Snowhawk: Can someone tell me how they cope with loneliness?
Why do people want to mess with our happiness?
Windhawk: When you are lonely, you reach a point where it is unbearable,
 And you know you can never be happy.
Snowhawk: That is one thing I can say should never be.
Everyone has a right to be Proud and free.
Snowhawk: But loneliness comes like a harsh winter wind, and no one may know when it will end.
Windhawk: Being alone makes you feel like the world is against you;
 No one cares if you are alive or not, so you convince yourself.
You think: if I died in this house, would anyone miss me?
Snowhawk: What do we do, you may ask? We stand both tall and proud; that’s what.
 One thing about it, my sister, you will always have me.
 The only person I am will always be me!
Windhawk: Yes, brother; and I know you have family who love you; you won’t be alone.
Snowhawk: If that is the case, then why do I feel so all alone? Like my own house is no longer a home?
Windhawk: And this is what those who are lonely should know:
 Turn to God; seek him as your friend, your companion and family; you will never be alone.
He shares in everything. Open your heart and let him in.
Snowhawk: If everyone will turn to the Father, then all loneliness will one day be gone.
Windhawk: That is why a hermit is content; he knows he has someone who never leaves his side.
Snowhawk: Jesus Christ will help your mind and heart mend.
 We will join Jesus, in the great by and by.
Windhawk:  So when you are engrossed in your own loneliness, you fool yourself; you are never alone.
 Walk in the knowledge that you are loved by the greatest Lover in the Universe.
Snowhawk: It’s in the bible; just read the verse:  John 3:16.
 He will be with us until the end of time; halleluiah; no more loneliness!
 He knows everything about us; where we’re going and where we've been.
Windhawk: The Comforter is here to remove that lonely feel.
Snowhawk: So do as the Prophets did so long ago; follow Jesus! His love is real.
Windhawk: And there, you have the happiness that is richer than any Earthly gift.
Snowhawk: Jesus is King of Kings; he died, so we could live!
Windhawk: The Apostles followed Jesus, even though their family
 Might have wanted them to keep being their old selves, they chose to follow their Master.
Snowhawk: So turn your back on loneliness; live a Godly life style;
 Jesus is by your side, all the while.
And with him on your side, you will pray for your enemies.
Windhawk: He will never let you walk a lonely mile.
And the smile on your face could light up an auditorium!
Snowhawk: And the love you feel, you will know instantly you’re not alone.
Windhawk: With Jesus by your side, life gets so much easier.
You know he is taking care of everything.
Snowhawk: You will be with God, when this world is dead and gone.
Windhawk: Don't fight it; let him be the one in control; amen!
Snowhawk:  That, my friend, is how you will know; amen!
Snowhawk and Windhawk: Loneliness is a state of mind and won’t be kind,
So do not let it take over your life, but realize the truth is you are never alone or unloved;
God loves you and wants you; reach out and let him love you.
He will be your greatest friend and ally through every twist and turn in your life. AMEN!
© 1-11-2012 by JD Couch and JA Wayahowl


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging. Interesting piece.

  2. We have done well here windhawk and we will be posting more on here soon for everyone to view but we do so many great works together like our Videos and Our poetry and Chanys and all of our stories Cheers to us both on our writing endevors Snowhawk