Monday, January 23, 2012

When the Windhawk Talks

I am a listener, a hawk of the wind.
 I float on currents
Of thermal waves, listening to the mysteries
Circulating on the air; I
Translate what I learn into things I
Can share: stories, poems, and paintings;
 This is done so others learn
 Life is full of deeper meanings.

I'm a hawk of the wind, and I
 Have an abiding affinity
With creatures in the world,
 For they tell me secrets.
Cats are eavesdroppers who whisper to me
Their gleanings; wolves, wisely shy,
 Keep to civilization's edge,
And then safely
Distant, these silent watchers howl
Truths, from 20 miles away!

Dragonflies: light-dancers;
Praying Mantis: silent-golden;
Butterflies: change-bearers;
Scarabs: fate-keepers.
 All act as Harbingers of change;
 A listener always comes prepared.

Being Windhawk, I turn from no one
 Under the sun;
I know when to listen,
When to speak truly,
 And when it is time to fight;
The quiet-time is past.

Now, others must learn truth. Listen, ye.
Listen to the words spin
 Magic nets of dawning around thee!
I'm here to teach anyone who will listen.
When the Windhawk talks,
The mysteries of the universe are
An open book; miss not a word.
Jerriann Wayahowl Law
Copyright ©2012 Jerriann Law
(this was previously published in an anthology, in 2003, 
in a slightly different format.)

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